10 years ago sports were a huge part of my life. I played soccer, ran cross country and enjoyed what the outdoors had to offer me while living in Southern California. Now I'm in my mid 20's, living in Hawaii and trying to integrate fitness back into my every day life. My husband is currently deployed but I'm trying my best to balance work, graduate school, my dogs and while maintaining a household.

I don't necessarily have a goal weight but I do have a *goal body.* I'm running, lifting weights and making a conscious decision to fuel my body with healthy foods daily. I slip up here and there, but the point is that I pick up where I left off.

By the end of November my goal is to complete a 10K successfully (for me that means: no walking, no stopping, and finishing strong!)
By the beginning of 2012 I hope to be running 10 miles straight. On February 21, 2012 I will complete the 8.15 mile Great Aloha Run. By April 2012 I WILL be strong enough to complete my first HALF MARATHON. The Wahine Half Marathon that's held yearly on Oahu.
Now, let's get to it!!!


I’m so sleepy. I woke up early and went on a three mile run before heading to my dog’s vet appointment.

The past few weeks have been pretty horrible for me, in my fitness and in my personal life. I’ve gone through a lot of heartache recently with loved ones and it’s been hard having my husband away for it all. Duty calls, I spose. My diet hasn’t been completely horrible even though I did decide to go out and get myself an icecream tonight. I’ve lost some motivation with how emotional I have been recently but I’m trying to shake it off. I’ve set goals for myself… but somehow everything else that is going on seems more important. It’s sort of consuming me. I’m glad I at least pushed myself this morning though…

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