10 years ago sports were a huge part of my life. I played soccer, ran cross country and enjoyed what the outdoors had to offer me while living in Southern California. Now I'm in my mid 20's, living in Hawaii and trying to integrate fitness back into my every day life. My husband is currently deployed but I'm trying my best to balance work, graduate school, my dogs and while maintaining a household.

I don't necessarily have a goal weight but I do have a *goal body.* I'm running, lifting weights and making a conscious decision to fuel my body with healthy foods daily. I slip up here and there, but the point is that I pick up where I left off.

By the end of November my goal is to complete a 10K successfully (for me that means: no walking, no stopping, and finishing strong!)
By the beginning of 2012 I hope to be running 10 miles straight. On February 21, 2012 I will complete the 8.15 mile Great Aloha Run. By April 2012 I WILL be strong enough to complete my first HALF MARATHON. The Wahine Half Marathon that's held yearly on Oahu.
Now, let's get to it!!!



Every muscle in my body is sore. This weekend I played soccer with my husband and then did a quick 3 round workout at the gym afterwards. We went out to boogy that night and I danced in heels for 2 hours. That must count for something too.

Today I went out with my husband’s soccer team and practiced with them. They’re all Marines from his battalion and they’re gearing up for the season. Did I mention how much it sucks playing soccer with boys… boy Marines at that! -_- I am so rusty but it definitely is starting to come back. My shots were money! Seriously, corners and right above the keeper and below the top bar. That helped boost my confidence when all the guys pretty much “ooooh’d” and “oooh shit” at my goals. I’m definitely not up to par in my cardio. I forgot how much sucky running is involved in soccer. I’m laying in bed with a shattered left foot (I have no clue what I did to it but it hurts to move my toes! I say shattered but it’s probably a small fracture/sprain or something. haha). My calves are on fiiire, my thighs feel ok but they’re bruised up like a mofo with almost a soccer ball print on my right thigh, and my back is done. Ouchies!

It feels really good to get back into it though! I was asked to play for a team in the Women’s MISO league! My first game is this weekend. The team is first in their division so I hope I can step it up to help us stay in the top spot. I’m so so so super duper excited!

Ok I’m rambling. Back to studying then sleepy times.

That’s much better.

Finally getting back into the swing of things slowly but surely. I started with a few workout last week with my husband in our garage. They were mostly 8ish rounds of anything involving burpees, pushups, situps, squats, and anything else of that nature that I can’t remember because it’s almost midnight.

Today was my first day back at the gym. I met my friend there and hit the treadmill for 15ish minutes to get myself pumped up for LEG DAY. And boy, was it leg day. Although I was only there for a little over an hour, I am pretty sure my legs are going to be DONE. It felt really good to get some weights on these legs that are wiggling out of shape!!

I came home and snuggled with this man for about an hour. He was off to soccer practice with some other Marines on base while I made myself some dinner. After the dogs’ food settled, I went on a 20 minute jog with Harper and ended at the soccer practice.

While I was there, a girl who was practicing with the guys comes over and asks me if I play soccer. She said I looked like I knew what I was doing while just messing with the ball for second. I tell her I USED to play. She asks me to play on her team who is currently #1 in their division. Of course I said yes! I haven’t played in 8 years so I’m obviously really nervous. I have cleats and everything, but I just haven’t played in a game in forever! I’ve messed around with the ball here and there… but I know I am going to suck it up the first few times. I’m nervous!

My husband is so excited for me though. Our weekends used to consist of spending 5 hours at the soccer fields for HIS games, and now he will be watching me play. It’s nerve wracking too because he’s never seen me really play! He’s so good so I can’t be shitty, haha!

After coming home and fixing a second dinner (5th meal, yes sir) I showered and weighed myself. I am down two pounds from the day before. Although it’s probably just water weight and nothing to be excited about, it felt really good! I gained some weight the past two months and I am not happy about it. I’m only a couple pounds away from my typical weight. Of course I’d like to just mainly get back in shape and put some muscle on— but it feels good to get some of this extra baggage off right now. I’m ready.